About Us

Synthetika Chemicals was founded in 2021 by an organic chemist with extensive experience in both academic and industrial laboratories. After witnessing how the exclusivity of difficult to obtain contracts with large chemical suppliers has derailed the small business and home hobbyist market, it was decided that enough was enough. We believe that by limiting these precious resources to only certain groups of individuals it inherently hinders the opportunities for everyday people to discover their love of chemistry. Our sole purpose at Synthetika Chemicals is to bring back the golden age of chemistry by providing sourcing, purchasing, and distribution services on a non-contractual basis.
Synthetika Chemicals is dedicated to providing quality, affordable chemicals without the corporate interference faced by individuals when trying to purchase them.



We partner with many suppliers and manufacturers to provide chemicals to anybody. Whether it's commercial or residential, we supply both!


Having trouble finding something? No need to worry, you're in good hands. Let us deal with the dirty work when it comes to sourcing, purchasing, or repackaging.


We regularly package and distribute chemicals all across the world. With capabilities ranging from 1 gram to 1 ton, we do it all!