N-Chlorosuccinimide ≥99% CAS 128-09-6


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N-Chlorosuccinimide is the organic compound with the formula C2H4(CO)2NCl. A white solid, it is used for chlorinations. It is also used as a mild oxidant. NCS is related to succinimide, but with NCl in place of NH. The N–Cl bond is highly reactive, and NCS functions as a source of Chlorine.
I sell many other laboratory chemicals of high purity, this includes:

-Hg Metal 99.9995% Pure
-Sodium Borohydride
-Skatole (3-methylindole) *Warning: This compound is responsible for the smell of fecal matter*
-Polyphopshoric Acid

This will be shipped in a reagent grade HDPE bottle.


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